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Civil Looking High Mobility Military Mission Vehicle – HIMO

Arctic Trucks started an ambition project in 2003. The project was to create the perfect civil looking vehicle should have all the comfort and performance of a civil 4WD vehicle as well as perform  as a super off-road vehicle in the most rigorous conditions and perform with all the additional military equipment. The vehicle was designed with the experience and knowledge Arctic Trucks has developed since 1990 from the modification of Land Cruisers for super off-road driving in extreme situations.

The HIMO LC 200 is a high mobility vehicle with all the qualities the LC 200 has to offer and can be in a range from AT35 to AT42 where modifications are made to meet the challenging off-road situations needed to face. The AT42 is the ultimate super off-road vehicle with 42” tires, strengthened chassis and other modifications that create a vehicle that withstands almost everything though with all the comfort of LC 200. These properties stay the same during the most difficult off-road driving even with the excess weight od armour.

A number of technical solutions are available for further enhancement of the vehicle.

  • LOS: A civil LC 200 is equipped with a Toyota standard electrically controlled diesel engine. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is equipped with a limp home function that reduces performance whenever a faulty sensor signal is discovered. In emergency situations it may be crucial to have full engine power. Therefore the HIMO is equipped with a Limo Mode Override System, LOS, which overrides the limp mode and allows you to drive home in full power if possible.
  • AES: For this vehicle Arctic Trucks has developed accessory electrical system (AES) that is completely independent and has its own control panel and prevents additional gear from causing damage to the vehicle’s original electrical system.
  • Extra 150A 24V system: The vehicle has an additional 24V 150-amp generator system on an independent belt with a separate battery pack that has power outlets in various locations within the vehicle.
  • EMC Solutions: An Electro Magnetic Compatibility, EMC, solution is available, as the unmodified LC 200 has electrical disturbance that can effect communication systems. The system also protects the vehicle against external electromagnetic waves.
  • BOS: When you do not want to been seen and need to black out everything in your vehicle, it has a Black Out System, BOS, with 5 multiple options on light management.

Number of armouring solutions: The vehicle can be delivered with armour protection. Arctic Trucks together with SVOS in the Czech Republic offers fully tested and certified armoured protection against high level of ballistic threat as well as explosive threat on roof and under floor. Furthermore the vehicle has been designed against side blast and “IED” explosives.

The HIMO is already in use by the Norwegian army and the Lithuanian army. Special forces use the vehicle as well, as it has proven to be a high performance vehicle for the most difficult off-road driving conditions as the perfect military solution vehicle for the future.

This vehicle will be tailored to the needs of your team for maximum mission success.


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