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Arctic Trucks are the legendary specialists in modifying 4WD vehicles for use in rough environments.

Arctic Trucks are used by military, search and rescue, farmers, explorers and ordinary people in applications ranging from the extreme conditions of the South Pole, to the blistering heat and sands of the Arabian desert.

Who is Arctic trucks for?

Arctic Trucks Defence

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Combat proven high mobility vehicles

By modifying some of the world’s best 4x4 vehicles, Arctic Trucks takes mobility in military context one step further.

Our products are combat proven through numerous missions in some of the world’s most extreme environments. The success is based on the fact that Arctic Trucks products are reliable, reduce the running costs and increase the mobility to the extreme. Arctic Trucks purpose-built vehicles today serve in Africa, in Asia and Europe, and are combat proven every day.

The foundation of the company Arctic Trucks was based on an actual need for high mobility performance for a whole nation. The topography and the climate, combined with the population pattern in Iceland, have always set extreme demands for mobility.

Mission success in any harsh environment can only be achieved through quality and experience, and our products have successfully completed missions such as:

- crossing the ice cap of Greenland
- driving to the Magnetic North Pole
- participation in scientific expeditions in the Antarctica.

If you have a questions about our modifications - please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1 What is Arctic Trucks?

Arctic Trucks is a company that has for over 20 years modified Toyota 4wd vehicles in Iceland and has operated in Norway for over 8 years.

The cars are modified for use in rough environment, for example in the mountains, on glaciers or in the desert. Our customers are search- and rescue teams, military, police, electrical companies, as well as ordinary people who need cars that suit their lifestyle.

Cars modified by Arctic Trucks have been used on expeditions on the Magnetic North Pole, the South Pole and over the glacier of Greenland. In all cased they have been the first vehicles to drive in these areas.

2 Why modify a perfectly good car?

Generally larger tires increase off-road capabilities for most conditions, especially in snow. In Iceland people have been experimenting with using bigger tires in snow for over 25 years. People used to use snow chains on the tires to increase the traction and to pull you further through the snow. Soon people discovered that by lowering the air pressure to 2-5 psi, large tires could make a normal 4wd vehicle drive on top of a soft snow.

Early on modifications were mainly focused on off-road capabilities. The customers were mainly off-road enthusiastic individuals, utility companies and farmers. As demand increased from people who wanted to try something new or just liked the look of a bigger car and the possibilities the big car offered, the focus was more and more placed on maintaining drivability under normal conditions and maintaining high reliability.

Soon owning a modified vehicle became a lifestyle for many people; the possibility of travelling in the highlands and getting to places very few had ever seen became attractive to many people, even though most of the time the vehicle was used for on-road driving. Style and image has therefore become one of the key issues when designing modifications.

3 Why the big tires?

Larger footprints gives lower ground pressure so you can drive on softer grounds with minimum disturbance, no matter if the ground is snow, dirt, sand or anything else.

Larger tires give higher ground clearance, making it easier to drive over rough surface, rocks and snow.

Large tires rolls easier on rough surface, with the tires eating up more of the surface irregularities. The tires give better ride and less load and forces on the suspension of the car.

4 Is it hard to drive a modified car?

No, it is just like driving a normal car.

It is Arctic Trucks aim to keep the driving abilities of the original vehicle, even improve it. In normal conditions you should not feel the difference, but when it gets tough the difference is huge! In Iceland today, most modified vehicles are used as a normal family car as well as a truck for highland tours. Meeting both good normal driving performance and the super off-road capabilities is a challenge.

Arctic Trucks has specialized in offering modification that combine that nicely, based on the preferences of our customers.

5 Do I need a special licence to drive a modified car?

No special licences are needed to drive a modified car.

6 Is it possible to buy modifications as a kit?

No. Arctic Trucks modifications are not offered as kits.

For better handling, safety and reliability AT modifications require various changes to the vehicle that can not be solved with bolt on kits.

7 How can I buy modifications?

All Arctic Trucks modifications are done by specially trained Arctic Trucks mechanics. If you are interested in buying a Arctic Trucks modification for your vehicle, please contact us


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